Who is Robert Small

My name is Robert Small and I’m an Information Technology professional in the greater Chicago region. I’m English by nationality, I was born there,  grew up there and then moved to the USA recently returned to the UK. I moved back after five years in the Chicago region. While in the USA I worked at a variety of companies doing all sorts of things.I like tea (I know you were wondering), and eat almost any food from any culture. These days I live and work in Cambridgeshire while making the most of a milder climate.

I am a Cisco and Linux geek. It’s not just a work thing, somewhere in the certification process I started collecting Cisco routers and switches because I actually enjoy putting together labs with them. Unfortunately I had to sell my lab when moving back to the UK but I’ve bought up some equipment to start a new one here in Ely.

I enjoy digital and film photography as well as several other hobbies.

This is my blog where I will try to provide the odd laugh and showcase my little projects.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present myself. Robert Small.


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