Setting up a Windows 7 Virtual Machine for Cisco SDM and CCP

I recently had to build a Windows 7 Virtual Machine for use with Cisco’s SDM and Cisco Configuration Professional. As you may be aware this requires some specific versions of the required software. It seemed to helpful to link to them here.

Firefox 3.5 [SDM]:

Flash Player [CCP]:

Java 1.6.0 update 10 [SDM]:

Java 1.6.0 update 11 [SDM] [CCP]:


CCP (Express only):

CCP (Full version, one version behind express at the time of writing):


  • I noticed that the update 10 of Java seemed to work a little better with SDM but is incompatible with CCP, hence the link to update 11.
  • CCP seems to require IE to be set as the default browser for it to detect Adobe Flash.
  • For CCP you will need to add to IE’s list of sites to use backwards compatibility with or it will only use half the window.

Simply install the components that you need in the same order as above and use.

Enjoy your labs,

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2 Responses to Setting up a Windows 7 Virtual Machine for Cisco SDM and CCP

  1. n3twrk0p says:

    Really good post, I’ve trying to set up ccp Express 2.7 but for some reason I can’t get it to work. Please refer to and see if u did experienced something similar when login in to ccpexpress already installed on the router. Any advise will be greatly appreciated

  2. Robert Small says:

    Good evening,

    Taking a quick glance you’re using Chrome. I’d suggest IE with compatibility enabled, maybe turn it on for the whole local network. Also considering rolling back your Java to previous versions, although CCP is working on one VM where I have the latest as of about two weeks ago.


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